2020-2021 Review

Micheal Trick, Dean
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar

Welcome to Research@CMU-Q, a digital showcase of faculty and student work over the past academic year. The 2020-21 academic year was one of change and adaptation for the entire university as we forged through the pandemic together.

For our researchers, the year was a particular challenge. Faculty and student researchers faced new logistical questions about how to conduct their research, even as health guidelines shifted and changed.

I am very proud to share with you the exceptional work that our researchers produced this past year. Research is a cornerstone of Carnegie Mellon, and this year in particular, our faculty and student researchers demonstrated tenacity, agility and creativity in their work. I invite you to scroll through our year in research, and learn more about the thought and inquiry taking place at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar.

Research By The Numbers

The Year in Research

CMU-Q researchers are actively engaged with the international research community, leading or collaborating on a myriad of projects. Faculty members also contribute to the engines that drive international research, include publications, professional organizations and academic conferences

QNRF Research Outcome Seminar Series

Gianni Di Caro presented his project TARMEM (Teams of Aquatic/Aerial Robots for Marine Environment Monitoring) at the QNRF’s research outcome seminar on AI. His work was also featured in the QNRF newsletter for November 2020.

QNRF Post-Doctoral Research Award
Hend Gedawy (CS 2009) received CMU-Q’s first Post Doctoral Research Award (PDRA) from Qatar National Research Fund. Khaled Harras will serve as mentor. The project, which will harness edge resources for deep learning, could have profound implications in the area of mobile health applications and data privacy. Gedawy is an alumna of CMU-Q, as well as Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science and Hamad Bin Khalifa University.

Nature journal article on quantum materials
Mohamed Zayed and an international team of researchers have shed new light on the thermodynamics of quantum materials. Their findings were published in the journal Nature.


New international research community collaborations

Faculty QNRF-Funded Projects

New projects

Ongoing projects

Student Research

Through research projects, students develop the skills of intellectual rigor and creative problem solving that are integral to their careers and future studies.

Meeting of the Minds

Since 2007, Meeting of the Minds has provided an opportunity each year for students to present their research work to the community. With pandemic restrictions preventing an in-person event, CMU-Q created a digital version to share this work.

Meeting of the Minds 2020 projects, by faculty advisor

“At its essence, research is about collaboration, and the Meeting of the Minds reflects the Carnegie Mellon culture of mentoring, teamwork and innovation, especially in challenging times.”
Michael Trick
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