A message from the dean


Welcome to Research@CMU-Q, a digital showcase of faculty and student work over the past academic year.

At Carnegie Mellon, we describe our research as “delivering work that matters.” We are a research university like no other, with a clear mission to investigate questions that will have real impact. At the CMU-Q campus, we have an additional charge: to deliver work that matters to Qatar.

For faculty members, research is a way to explore questions and deepen understanding within their areas of expertise. At our campus, research is closely linked to undergraduate learning. Our faculty members include students in their projects, and guide them in self-directed inquiry. Through research, our undergraduate students develop the skills of creativity and critical thinking. For some, the undergraduate research at CMU-Q inspires a career in exploration and discovery.

I invite you to scroll through our year in research, and learn more about the thought and inquiry taking place at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar.

Michael Trick

Harry B. and James H. Higgins
Professor of Operations Research